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August is National Tree Check Month: How to Inspect Your Trees

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Inspect your trees this August to keep them healthy and beautiful.

When was the last time you gave your trees a good look? You may glance at your trees from time to time, admiring how much shade and beauty they provide to your property, but you may miss out on some finer details. You may miss signs of diseases or pests if you don’t know what to look for on your trees! Every August is National Tree Check Month and property owners are encouraged to inspect their trees to ensure they are in optimal health. The following tips can help you check your leaves on your own, but we also recommend scheduling inspections with Scientific Plant Service every few years to stay on top of your trees’ health.

Inspect the Leaves

Before you inspect your trees, you must first know your tree type. Is it deciduous or evergreen? You should have a general sense of what your tree should look like when healthy. Then you can inspect your leaves. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the leaves red, brown, or yellow?
  • Are they spotted or discolored?
  • Are leaves missing?
  • Do any leaves look distorted or disfigured?
  • Are parts of the leaves chewed?
  • Are the leaves covered in a sticky liquid? 
  • Do the leaves look wet or give off a foul odor? 

Inspect the Tree Trunk and Branches

After inspecting the leaves look closer at the tree trunk and branches. Consider these questions when examining the trees:

  • Is the bark peeling when it shouldn’t be?
  • Are there holes or splits in the branches or trunk?
  • Is sap oozing down the tree?
  • Do you see tunnels or unusual patterns under the bark?
  • Does the sap have a foul odor?
  • Is sawdust on or under the tree? 
  • Do sticky drops fall on you if you stand under the tree? 

If you answered “yes” to the last question, you might be dealing with the spotted lanternfly. In that case, you should call for professional help and report this invasive species. 

What To Do If You Spot Damage

If you spotted any of the signs listed above on your leaves or bark, there is a good chance something is wrong with your tree’s health. You will first need to diagnose what is causing the problem in order to determine a treatment plan. You can reach out to the tree health specialists at Scientific Plant Service to explain your tree’s symptoms. We can schedule a time to inspect your trees and gain further information on what is causing the problem. 

Once we know what is wrong, we can provide the best treatments for your tree and advise on long-term care treatments that can prevent diseases or pests from returning in the future. The key to addressing tree problems and saving your tree is to spot the problem early. By inspecting your trees this August, you can spot a problem early when it can be treated before significant damage occurs.

Scientific Plant Service Is Your Go-To Source In Landscape Healthcare

Scientific Plant Service, located in Baltimore, is a privately owned corporation, chartered in Maryland in 1957 by Frank J. Burke. We started as a full-service Arborists specializing in the care of shade trees and ornamental shrubs, but today we are a Lawn Care company that is a huge part of the community. From aquatic environments and snow management to deer and mole control, SPS has services tailored specifically for your lawn and landscape.

We offer services in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, including: Harford, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Calvert counties in MD, as well as Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church in VA. For more information, contact us online, or call us at 410-321-0970. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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