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Basic 1-2-3 Weed & Feed

          That’s right , it’s as easy as 1,2,3, to have a healthy, good looking lawn. As the first company to apply POLYON fertilizer in the area, it’s unique characteristics make it possible to provide sufficient nutrition to your lawn for the entire year with just 2 granular treatments.(1) Your early spring POLYON fertilization will slowly release nitrogen when grass plants can best utilize it into late summer.  A herbicide is incorporated into this fertilzer that will prevent the germination of Crabgrass and Goosegrass.

(2) In late spring, when broadleaf weed activity peaks, we return to apply herbicide controls.   Weeds are a recurrent problem, so we utilize IPM and only treat where the weeds are active, however, should broadleaf weeds reoccur, notify our office for free weeds treatments throughout the summer.   We won’t blanket your lawn with needless herbicides.

 (3) When the stress of summer nears its end once again, we scout your lawn for weeds and  applyPOLYON fertilizer that will feed  your lawn all fall, plus, give it a jump start next spring, assuring you will  have the greenest lawn on the block!


When you sign up for our “Weed and Feed / Basic 3” lawn program SPS guarantees to control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds in your lawn for the entire season.  All you need do is pick up the phone and call our office when you see unwanted broadleaf weeds, or suspect crabgrass in your lawn!

 ** Preventive grub treatments carry a season long control guarantee as well! **

(If you fail to approve recommended renovation and seeding work and your lawn has constant weed and crabgrass problems due to a poor stand of grass, we cannot honor our guarantee after your second season of service.)