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Grubs and Insects

Our professional licensed diagnosticians inspect and evaluate your turf to determine the need for insecticides for grubs or other insects.

Accurate identification of these problems is crucial. If you are seeing brown spots in your lawn in fall it is very possible you have a grub problem. You can count on our degreed “Agri- Licensed” representatives to make the proper choice for your property. These pesticides are not applied wholesale unless there is evidence of, or a known need for their use avoiding needless applications to your landscape environment. When you contract for preventive grub control, it comes with a season-long guarantee! If active grubs are found in your turf, we’ll kill them FREE!

UP-DATE: We are now offering as an option, Dupont’s “ACELEPRYN” for season long grub control. Acelepren is very safe, so safe in fact that the EPA doesn’t require a signal word such as Caution!