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When it comes to Aquatic management, larger ornamental ponds, and farm ponds, phragmites eradication is our specialty! Vegetation management, algae control and shading along with obtaining proper permits through the Maryland Dept. of Environment are services SPS can provide when contracted to manage your water ways. Anytime a chemical treatment is to or in any body of water a permit must be obtained through “Maryland Dept. of Environment”.

Algae Control

An effective Algae Control Program should be teamed up with a vegetation control program. +Learn More

Phragmites Control

This tall (10’ – 12’) wispy grass is an invasive non-native species that grows on the banks of water ways and in damp areas. +Learn More

Resident Canada Geese Control

Algae, duckweed, watermeal, phragmites, cattails and our newest aquatic challenge; resident Canada geese. +Learn More

Shades & Dyes

When sunlight penetrates a pond surface it encourages plant growth. Plant growth is what harbors algae. +Learn More

 Vegetation Control

Undesirable vegetation is a ponds primary source of algae problems. +Learn More