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Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Whether your trees are defoliated, looking weak, or are actually looking pretty good, you should consider Deep Root Fertilization.

Even if you feel things are looking okay, preventive maintenance via fertilization is important. A healthy tree can fight off disease and insects attacks. A healthy tree has better odds of survival during severe wet and drought periods. A healthy tree is a happy tree! We know that it is important to fertilize weak or sick trees, but, what about your healthy trees? Keep your healthy trees healthy! The ideal time for Deep Root Fertilization of your trees is in the fall.

The fertilizer formulation we use is a custom blend. The main fertilizer is blended to our specifications, specifically for Scientific Plant Service, Inc. We then add to that, additional essential nutrients, trace minerals, stabilizers and root enhancement products. Our custom designed injection probes are equipped with digital meters to assure the proper amount of solution is applied to your tree.

Our special blend contains:

  • 12-24-24 fertilizer containing slow release Nitrogen from Nutralene & Humates
  • Chelated iron with Manganese and Nitrogen
  • Flowable Sulfur to neutralize soil conditions and help move nutrients
  • Natural Mychorrhizae to enhance root growth development and function

Because of the longevity of our custom blend, we recommend this feeding be done every other year. Other companies using lesser products want you to treat every year and sometimes twice a year. Our special fertilizer will keep your trees healthy and save you money when scheduled bi-annually!

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