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Resident Canadian Geese Control

Algae, duckweed, watermeal, Phragmites, cattails and our newest aquatic challenge;
resident Canada geese.

Scientific is licensed to control all of the above and many more aquatic nightmares. The focus this time is the Federally protected Canada Goose. I am not referring to the geese that migrate thousands of miles each year in the instinctive ā€œVā€ pattern and briefly stop by water features for food and rest. No, we all love when those birds are heading North because we know Summer is coming.

It is the Resident Geese, we are challenged with controlling. This new generation of geese have become lazy and are perfectly content staying in one location all year. Swimming on our ponds, attacking humans during spring nesting, honking, eating our well manicured lawns and then leaving the mess. It is the mess that will max out your tolerance to these rude birds. Geese are herbivores, and they love closely mowed green grass on flat surfaces (remember, resident geese are lazy so they do not like hills). The average 12 lb. goose eats 4 lbs of grass per day and excretes 3 lbs. of waste. That is one hungry little bird. Now, the problem is these birds live in flocks and many times these flocks number in the 100’s. Did you just get a quick image of the mess I referred to earlier? Now, what can we do?

One solution is to make the grass unpalatable for our evolved resident geese. Timed applications of USDA Organic repellents have proven successful in controlling the resident goose population. The flock will feed (and excrete waste) in areas that are not treated (hopefully move out all together if the aquatic site is small). These repellents provide a humane solution to a rapidly growing problem. SPS is successfully applying goose repellent on institutional and residential lawns and welcomes the opportunity to help clean up yours.

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