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Avoid These 6 Fall Landscaping Mistakes

scientific plant service fall landscaping mistakes

One of the fall landscaping mistakes you want to avoid is removing and discarding all of your fallen leaves.

Fall has arrived, and now is the time to tend to your lawn to keep it healthy and prepared for the dormant winter season. While there are a lot of sources for landscaping tasks you should do during the fall, there are a few things you should also make sure to avoid. The following six fall landscaping mistakes should be avoided this season, so you don’t create problems for your landscape in the future. To ensure excellent lawn care, contact the team at Scientific Plant Service for the essential services or care you need for your property this fall.

Overwatering Your Lawn

When fall arrives, and the temperatures drop, less evaporation will occur on your lawn. This means that your grass and plants need less water because they can absorb more before it evaporates. As you water your lawn before the dormant season, pay attention to the temperature changes and reduce the amount of water you use to avoid overwatering. If the temperature is colder, you don’t need to water as much as you did just a couple of months ago in summer. 

Discarding All of Your Leaves

One of the common fall landscaping mistakes we see is homeowners discarding all of their leaves. While you may still want to discard some of them, you can use other fallen leaves for many practical purposes, including as a natural fertilizer or a source of insulation for your soil during the coldest days. 

Letting Deer Take Over Your Landscape

If you live in an area where deer are a common sight, it may be tempting to let them cross through your property occasionally. However, deer can wreak havoc on your plants and bushes. Placing protective barriers around some of your favorite shrubs can help minimize the damage deer can cause. 

If deer are a larger problem, Scientific Plant Service can apply monthly deer repellent to discourage white-tail deer from feeding on your plants and ruining your landscape.

Forgetting to Prune

It is best to prune your shrubs and trees before winter arrives. Pruning provides many health benefits and allows new, healthy branches and fruit to blossom. Pruning also helps deter pests and animals from building their nests in your landscape which can cause a lot of trouble in the future. 

Neglecting Aeration Services

Aerating your lawn can be a significant undertaking, but it provides excellent results when spring returns. When you aerate your grass in fall, you can expect these benefits:

  • Encourage healthier and more durable grassroots
  • The breakup of dense and highly compressed soil
  • Improved water and airflow into the soil and grassroots
  • Improved insect resistance
  • Improved drought resistance

Trying to Do Everything Yourself

Finally, one of the biggest fall landscaping mistakes you can make is attempting to do it all yourself. Scientific Plant Service lawn experts are here to provide the essential services you need, such as fertilization, aeration, overseeding, deer repellent, and more. 

Scientific Plant Service Is Your Go-To Source In Landscape Healthcare

Scientific Plant Service, located in Baltimore, is a privately owned corporation, chartered in Maryland in 1957 by Frank J. Burke. We started as a full-service Arborists specializing in the care of shade trees and ornamental shrubs, but today we are a Lawn Care company that is a huge part of the community. From aquatic environments and snow management to deer and mole control, SPS has services tailored specifically for your lawn and landscape.

We offer services in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, including: Harford, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Calvert counties in MD, as well as Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church in VA. For more information, contact us online, or call us at 410-321-0970. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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