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Five Things to Do for Your Lawn This Winter

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Remember to do the following things for your lawn this winter to prepare for snowfall and cold temperatures.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that lawn maintenance is only essential during spring and summer. In truth, lawn care is a year-round responsibility. As the colder weather of winter moves in, you may wonder what you can do to keep your lawn healthy and ensure a strong return in spring. To help your lawn this winter, remember the following winter lawn maintenance tips to help your landscape endure the coldest season.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Winterization is crucial not only for maintaining your sprinkler system but protecting your wallet! Failure to winterize could damage your watering system since any water left behind can freeze and break the pipes. 

Winterize Your Lawn Mower

An essential part of preparing your lawn for winter is tending to the tools you use to care for your property throughout the year. Take the time to winterize your lawn mower by emptying the fuel system, changing the spark plug and oil, removing the battery, and changing the air filter. Clean the lawn mower deck and lubricate moving parts. This maintenance can help ensure your lawn mower’s longevity and ensure it works best when you need it. 

Minimize Foot Traffic

One way to minimize winter lawn damage is to limit the amount of foot, animal, and vehicle traffic on your lawn. Heavy and consistent traffic can wear a path in your yard and damage it for spring. Because the soil is compacted and relatively dry, traffic can cause damage that is hard to repair. To minimize traffic, create a walking path or use a small garden fence to block off certain areas. 

Avoid Getting Salt on Your Lawn 

Salt is not good for your lawn, especially when it is vulnerable in winter. Salt can damage or even kill your lawn. If you use salt to melt ice and snow, only use enough to accomplish the task. Make sure the salt is applied just to the walkways and driveways without any spillover onto the lawn and landscape. Consider forgoing the use of salt, instead opting for sand or cat litter to clear snow and ice. 

Spread Out Snow Piles

When the snow accumulates, spread out piles on your lawn to help the snow melt evenly. High mounds of snow left too long, while other snow melts, can damage or kill that patch of grass.

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