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How to Water Your New Sod: Do’s and Don’ts

scientific plant service water your new sod

Sprinklers and irrigation systems can help you water your new sod effectively.

If you have recently invested in new sod for your lawn, you want to make sure it survives and thrives. One of the crucial factors in ensuring your new lawn’s health is watering. When it comes to watering new sod, there are several factors to consider to ensure it stays alive. To guarantee that you water your new sod well and encourage its growth, read on to discover some of the best tips for the care of your newly installed sod.

Don’t Rely on Nature

Rainfall can be deceiving. You may imagine that a heavy rainstorm that lasts for about 20 minutes provides your lawn with all the water it needs for the day, but if it rained too hard and fast, a lot of that rain ends up in the storm drain before your sod can absorb it. The best rainfall for new sod is a less intense event that lasts over a longer period of time so the sod and soil can soak it in. 

A Hose Is Not Enough

Unless you have a very small spot to water, using a hose to water your lawn won’t be enough. The best watering for your new sod will incorporate long, slow soaking. If you’re watering an area of more than 100 square feet, don’t rely on spraying the sod with a hose. Depending on the coverage you need, you may also use oscillating, stationary, or pulsating sprinklers. These need to be moved to ensure proper coverage for all of the new areas of sod, especially the edges where moisture loss occurs the quickest. If you have an inground irrigation system, the run cycles may need to be extended. 

Watering Times Matter

You cannot water your new sod whenever you want, especially in spring and summer. Fungal diseases of turf thrive during times of higher humidity and when the leaves stay wet. This is most common during the nighttime hours. Water in the early morning hours, right after daybreak, to avoid those conditions. This gives your lawn some time to soak up the water before the hottest times in the mid-afternoon. 

You Can Water Too Much

It is possible to overwater your new lawn. The goal of watering is just to create a moist environment, not a flooded one. If you notice pooling water on your lawn, you are likely giving too much water too rapidly in one area. Pull up a corner of several pieces of sod to check the moisture underneath to ensure the proper moisture level is attained.

Pay Attention to Sod Color

New sod may become temporarily stressed because of rising temperatures or windy, dry conditions. However, this color change does not mean that your sod has died. Ramp up your efforts and consult with your lawn experts at Scientific Plant Service to return your sod to green in a few short weeks. 

If you want to prepare for spring and summer, consult with the lawn care professionals at Scientific Plant Service for information on what your specific lawn can use to thrive this year. 

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