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How to Keep Grass Green During Summer Heat

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Follow these practices to keep your grass green during summer heat.

If you have worked all year to keep your grass green and beautiful, you don’t want to risk losing that due to the dog days of summer. You can get control of your lawn no matter what the temperature may be by following these tips. For the best results, consult with the experts at Scientific Plant Service on how to keep your lawn thriving year-round. 

Use Proper Watering Techniques

Yes, just like that plant on your windowsill, your grass also needs to be watered with care. While rain can often work to hydrate your lawn, multiple days of intense heat can mean that your grass needs some help keeping itself adequately hydrated. However, overwatering is also a risk for your yards. If you water too much, roots can get saturated, and soil nutrients can become depleted. 

It is crucial to consider when you water your lawn. For example, watering in the middle of the day when the sun is strongest can cause the water to evaporate too quickly before it can be fully absorbed. Most lawns require at least one inch of water per week, so keep this in mind when irrigating. The best way to water your lawn is in the morning when temperatures are cooler and allow for optimal absorption. If your schedule does not warrant watering in the morning, you can water in the evening provided you cut it off before the sun sets. This will allow the grass to dry before the sun is completely down thus preventing turf diseases from popping up.

Select the Right Grass for Your Climate

There are many varieties of grass, and certain species thrive better in different environments. The most popular types of grass for lawns fall into either warm season or cool season categories. This is a crucial factor when considering which kind of grass to use on your property or which type of grass you need when you are overseeding. Scientific Plant Service experts can provide you with excellent guidance for your grass selection based on where you live. 

Feed Your Lawn

Just like all living things, your lawn requires nutrients to grow and thrive. However, soil can become depleted of these essential nutrients and minerals. Some properties will need to apply fertilizer throughout the year to keep the grass thriving, even during hot summers. It is often recommended that most lawns receive professional treatments at least once every six to eight weeks to keep the grass green and healthy. 

Soil testing once every three years will provide valuable data on most of the necessary nutrients and minerals the lawn needs, as well as the soil pH. Soil pH will tell you if the soil is too acidic or alkaline. The optimal range for a proper pH is between 6.0 – 6.5. 

Reduce Foot Traffic

Your lawn likely sees the most activity during the summer. Children playing, dogs running, and weekend barbecues can all create a lot of foot traffic. While you can still enjoy your lawn, be mindful of whether your yard is becoming trampled or is being put under too much stress. You can consider designing your landscape to direct people into entertainment areas like patios or decks, so they don’t meander onto the open lawn. If you prefer lawn entertainment, you may also consider doing a core aeration yearly to relieve soil compaction brought on from heavy foot traffic.

Keeping your grass green can take a little bit of effort, but that effort is well worth it. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your lawn remains beautiful through even the hottest summer days. Even better, you ensure that your lawn remains healthy and is prepared to make it through the harsh autumn and winter, ready to bounce back in the spring. 

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