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How to Prepare Your Landscape for Fall

rake garden beds to prepare your landscape for fall

Rake garden beds as you prepare your landscape for fall.

Fall clean-up is essential in preserving the health and look of your landscape. Cleaning up helps prevent damage in the winter and can help your plants thrive again once spring arrives. As you prepare for the arrival of autumn and cooler temperatures in September, it is beneficial to start planning your clean-up today and gathering the tools you need. Read on to learn what you should prioritize when you prepare your landscape for fall. 

Dethatch and Aerate the Lawn

You should look for any yellow-brown thatch in your lawn in early fall, and remove it. Fall is one of the best times to aerate lawns as well. Turfgrass is building its root system in the Fall and roots need air as much as water.

Mulch or Remove Leaf Litter

Mowing leaf litter with a mulching mower returns valuable nutrients to the soil. If your yard is buried in leaves, you may need to remove some of them so that light and air can reach your grass. It’s okay if some leaf litter is left behind, as it gives pollinators a place to nestle during the winter. 

Fertilize the Lawn

You can invigorate your lawn by fertilizing in early autumn. You should also test your soil to determine its acidity level and if it lacks any nutrients before you select and add your fertilizer. 

Overseed Your Lawn

You can help prepare your landscape for fall by lightly spreading grass seed across the entire lawn with a fertilizer spreader. If you notice any dead spots, apply extra grass seed there. Combining seeding with aeration provides an ideal seedbed for better seed germination

Pull Weeds and Dead Annuals

First, wear gloves to protect your hands. Then, pull any weeds and dead annuals from your landscape and lawn. Shred any healthy plant material and add it to your compost pile while disposing of diseased or mildewed foliage to prevent contaminating your compost. 

Consider Pruning Perennials

Some plants can benefit from pruning in late summer or early fall, while others are better suited to springtime pruning. A good resource for pruning techniques can be found at

Rake Landscape Beds

Prepare your landscape for fall by raking landscape beds. If you have pruned any bushes or shrubs, wait to rake until you have completed pruning. Make sure to watch for drip irrigation systems and sprinkler heads while raking and cleaning up! 

Enrich Garden Beds

You can enrich your garden beds and prepare them for fall in several ways. You can add organic mulch, compost, or leaf litter The purpose of this is to add nutrients for microorganisms to break down throughout the entire winter. Then, the soil will be fertile and ready next spring. 

Clean Your Garden Tools

Finally, make sure to drain the gas from your lawnmower and thoroughly clean your garden tools before storing them away for winter. Detach your garden hoses, drain out the water, and store them through the cold seasons. Carefully cleaning and preserving your garden tools will guarantee that they will be as functional and helpful next year as they were for this year. 

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