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Press Release oct 19 2018

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Scientific Plant Services Represented on Prestigious GIE & EXPO Panel

Baltimore, MD — October 18, 2018

Scientific Plant Services Represented on Prestigious GIE & EXPO Panel

Baltimore, MD — October 18, 2018

On Friday, October 19th, Scientific Plant Services will share their expert knowledge on seasonal lawn and landscaping preparations at the GIE & EXPO TOCA Breakfast Panel in Louisville, Kentucky. The event will begin at 7:30 AM in the south wing conference center at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Represented by company owner Brian Haga, this premiere service provider will join leaders in the field to discuss “Preparing for a Winning Season” in the lawn and landscape industry.

Scientific Plant Services has supported Baltimore homeowners with all lawn and landscaping needs for nearly six decades (Founded 1957). The trusted team is composed of certified diagnosticians, licensed arborists and extensive lawn care specialists. Defined by expertise in the green industry, this team is committed to exceptional customer service and ensures quality results through innovative product use. Brian Haga, president of Scientific Plant Services, emphasizes the advantage of innovation in lawn and landscape maintenance. Adapting to industry trends and integrating new techniques into the established maintenance procedure could yield more efficient results and improve customer satisfaction. The Scientific Plant Services firm demonstrates this value on innovative products through their use of polyon control release fertilizers in their lawn maintenance method. Proven to be highly efficient, this exclusive fertilizer requires less applications per season and reduces harmful runoff into our ecosystem. Shifting strategies in response to new information is incredibly beneficial to the success of your company and the quality of your work for your customers.

In addition to Brian Haga of Scientific Plant Services, the thought-provoking panel also features insight from Jon Cundiff, CEO of Weed Man in Kansas City, Rob Golembiewski PhD, member of the Green Solutions team with Bayer, and Pat Morrow, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications for Bayer. The stimulating conversation draws parallels between athletics and landscaping preparations, pointing to the distinct theme “Preparing for a Winning Season.” These seasoned professionals draw on their vast expertise and knowledge in the green industry to equip your maintenance strategy for success. Analyzing the major challenges impacting the lawn and landscape field today will help unearth a solution for the future. These industry leaders reveal latest techniques, debate current trends and discuss innovative product use.

The GIE & EXPO trade show attracts the top industry professionals from across the nation. Participants have access to over 850 innovative exhibits and upcoming products, as well as valuable networking opportunities with the top landscape and lawn maintenance firms in the country. This event instills inspiration in green industry professionals by equipping their teams with the newfound knowledge, equipment and connections needed to thrive.
Scientific Plant Services is thrilled to collaborate with fellow industry leaders at the GIE & EXPO TOCA Breakfast Panel.

About Scientific Plant Services: Scientific Plant Services was founded in 1957 by Frank J. Burke, an entomologist from the University of Maryland. Initially, the firm specialized in tree care, such as pruning and pesticide application. Today, their reach has expanded, and expertise has strengthened. The firm specializes in landscape healthcare, creating custom programs to enhance your lawn. Scientific Plant Services is dedicated to using the most advanced technology to provide quality services for customers.


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