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Test Your Soil Now; Don’t Wait Until Spring

test your soil in the fall

Test your soil now, in the fall, rather than waiting until spring.

Soil testing is a regular part of landscape maintenance, and like most landscaping tasks, people tend to practice it during the spring. However, conducting a soil test in the fall may be more efficient and economical than waiting for the spring. Soil testing is necessary for any landscape or garden, as a soil test determines the nutrients you need to apply for healthy growth. Soil maintenance is essential for a healthy landscape, and taking the time to test your soil in fall can help you in the following significant ways. 

Fall Testing Gives You More Time to Make Decisions

When you test your soil in the fall, you have a little more time to collect soil samples and make fertilizer decisions. Because you are not on a strict timeline, you have more time to plan your soil management. Additionally, you can apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in the fall when more equipment is available and soil compaction is less likely. This fall, soil management simplifies spring operations and streamlines your future planting. 

Weather Conditions Are More Favorable 

Fall weather can be a little milder and more predictable than spring weather, which often swings between cold, warm, and wet. Rather than trying to find the best time to test your soil in spring, you can more easily take a soil sample in the fall. 

Fall is a Great Time to Apply Lime

If lime is needed to adjust excess acidity in your soil, fall can be a great time to apply lime. Applying it in the fall provides it more time to neutralize the soil acidity, so you have the best chance of healthy soil in the spring. 

Savings on Fertilizer

Based on your soil test results, you may need to place fertilizer. Fortunately, fertilizer is often cheaper in the fall than in the spring, when the demand is much higher. 

Soil Testing Labs Are Less Busy 

Generally, you can expect soil testing laboratories to be busier in the spring than in the fall. Many gardeners, homeowners, and farmers wait until the spring to test their soil and make soil management plans. However, the busier the soil test labs are, the longer the turnaround on your results will be. This, in turn, delays when you can apply your fertilizer. 

When you test your soil in the fall, you give yourself more time to prepare for spring planting, more time to manage your soil, and you may even save yourself time and money. 

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