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Is It Time for Deep Root Tree Fertilization?

scientific plant service deep root tree fertilization

Encourage healthy, long-lasting growth with deep root tree fertilization.

Your lawn is not the only part of your landscape that can benefit from fertilization. Your shade trees can also enjoy a boost of nutrition. However, applying fertilizer to your tree requires a specific method from experienced professionals. At Scientific Plant Service, we use Deep Root Tree Fertilization. This treatment can be applied to weak and healthy trees to keep them strong and resistant to disease and insect attacks. The best time for Deep Root Tree Fertilization is the fall, so you can contact Scientific Plant Service today to determine when your trees receive this treatment. If you want to learn more before contacting us, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this fertilization treatment and what our custom blend can do. 

Does Your Tree Need Fertilization?

Healthy trees can always receive Deep Root Tree Fertilization to help prevent sickness or damage from pests in the future. However, some trees may be ailing and may especially benefit from fertilization. Schedule a treatment soon if you notice: 

  • Reduced foliage or floral output
  • Yellowing or light green leaves
  • Leaves are smaller than normal
  • Dead spots on leaves
  • Thinning or dying tips of branches
  • Little to no annual growth 

By applying nutrients directly at the roots, Deep Root Tree Fertilization helps restore your trees and keep them healthy well into the future. 

The Scientific Plant Service Custom Blend 

We use a custom fertilization blend at Scientific Plant Service for optimal results. The main fertilizer is blended to our specifications with additional essential nutrients, trace minerals, stabilizers, and root enhancement products. Our custom-designed injection probes are equipped with digital meters to guarantee the proper amount of solution is applied. Our unique blend consists of:

  • 12-24-24 fertilizer with a slow release of Nitrogen from Nutralene and Humates
  • Chelated iron with Manganese and Nitrogen
  • Flowable Sulfur to neutralize soil conditions and move nutrients
  • Natural Mycorrhizae to enhance root growth development and function 

Our custom blend has a long-lasting slow release impact, so we recommend the fertilizer be applied every other year. This reduces the overall cost of regularly scheduled fertilization and improves the results you see in your trees.

The Prime Benefits of Deep Root Tree Fertilization 

What exactly can you expect to see in your trees after fertilization? Deep Root Tree Fertilization is the best way to keep your trees healthy because nutrients are delivered directly to the roots and are transported to the rest of the tree over time. This helps your trees improve their health from the roots upward. The benefits you can expect include: 

  • Thick, healthy, vibrant foliage
  • The optimization of soil conditions and nutrient content
  • Increased resistance to pests and disease 
  • Increased development of canopy and blooms
  • Reduced soil compaction 
  • Improved soil aeration for optimal growth 
  • The prevention of yellowing leaves caused by chlorosis 

If you want to prepare your trees for winter and help them bounce back next spring, schedule Deep Root Tree Fertilization this fall. 

Scientific Plant Service Is Your Go-To Source In Landscape Healthcare

Scientific Plant Service, located in Baltimore, is a privately owned corporation, chartered in Maryland in 1957 by Frank J. Burke. We started as a full-service Arborists specializing in the care of shade trees and ornamental shrubs, but today we are a Lawn Care company that is a huge part of the community. From aquatic environments and snow management to deer and mole control, SPS has services tailored specifically for your lawn and landscape.

We offer services in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, including: Harford, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Calvert counties in MD, as well as Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church in VA. For more information, contact us online, or call us at 410-321-0970. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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