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The Top 6 Spring Landscaping Tasks

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Learn what spring landscaping tasks can prepare your property for summer.

The official start of spring has finally arrived, with consistently warm weather and sunny days just around the corner. If you’re eager to care for your lawn and landscape again, preparing it for summer growth, there are a few things you can do in spring to make sure that your landscape is in prime condition by the time summer arrives. If you need assistance in preparing your landscape, contact Scientific Plant Service for spring landscaping and lawn health care advice from the experts. 

Aerate the Lawn

Aerating is best done by a professional when the lawn is moist. In this process, equipment will punch holes in your turf to create air pockets. Aeration holes promote water and air infiltration into the soil. Plants require both air and water for optimal growth and health. 


Thatch refers to the buildup of dead grass and debris on the surface of a lawn. Removing thatch allows the grass underneath to grow quicker and fuller. If this layer of debris is an inch or more, it’s time to dethatch. This spring landscaping task can often be done during the aeration process. 

Clean Out Your Gardens

When the weather changes at the start of spring, it’s time for your garden to be cleaned out and cleared up. Cut down any dead foliage and stalks from the prior season, and compost all but diseased or insect infested plant material. Destroy or send to the landfill any bugs, larvae, or other pests you find. You may also need to prune and trim your landscape’s shrubs and bushes. Important reasons to prune mature trees include controlling size, providing clearance for foot traffic or vehicles, removing potentially hazardous branches, and improving appearance.

The First Round of Weeding

Another essential spring landscaping task is pulling weeds. The first round of weeding in the spring can be the most intensive. When you pull the weeds, be careful not to disturb any of your landscaping’s new growth. However, the weeds must be entirely removed, so they don’t grow back throughout the season. Contact Scientific Plant Service for advice on controlling weeds with pre-emergent weed prevention.

Mulch Perennial and Annual Beds and Trees

Layer your gardens with mulch to help with moisture retention and to reduce weeds. Do not pile mulch against your plants and do not apply more than 2 inches of mulch. Then, after the last frost date, you may brighten up your garden with colorful annuals in your garden beds, flower pots, and hanging baskets. With some time out in the sunshine, these annuals will have a jump on the growing season and provide some extra color throughout summer. 

Fertilize Grass and Gardens

Fertilization is one of the first spring landscaping tasks most homeowners consider. However, before you apply fertilizer to your grass and gardens, consider which fertilizer will be most beneficial. Scientific Plant Service recommends testing your soil to determine if there are any nutrient or pH deficiencies. The experts at Scientific Plant Service can help you discover the best way to enrich your landscape. 

Scientific Plant Service Is Your Go-To Source In Landscape Healthcare

Scientific Plant Service, located in Baltimore, is a privately owned corporation, chartered in Maryland in 1957 by Frank J. Burke. We started as a full-service Arborists specializing in the care of shade trees and ornamental shrubs, but today we are a Lawn Care company that is a huge part of the community. From aquatic environments and snow management to deer and mole control, SPS has services tailored specifically for your lawn and landscape.

We offer services in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia, including: Harford, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Anne Arundel, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Calvert counties in MD, as well as Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church in VA. For more information, contact us online, or call us at 410-321-0970. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!

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