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Why Are There Mushrooms On Your Lawn?

scientific plant service mushrooms on your lawn

Why do you see mushrooms on your lawn? Here is what these fungi indicate.

During the wet days of spring and early summer, you may spot small mushrooms sprouting up on your lawn. Noticing this sudden growth may concern you. is your lawn being overcome with mushrooms? Will this impact your lawn? Are mushrooms a risk to pets or children? The average homeowner may not know the intricate details of lawn maintenance and fungi development. Fortunately, Scientific Plant Service is here to explain what mushrooms on your lawn mean and how they are a positive sign overall. Continue reading to have your questions regarding sudden mushroom growth answered. 

Spotting Mushrooms On Your Lawn 

Mushrooms naturally sprout up on your lawn when the weather and ground conditions are favorable. They are often found in turfed areas, pastures, woods, or most places where dead plant material may be found. However, mushrooms shouldn’t be a sign of concern as they are a naturally occurring part of a healthy ecosystem

However, if you have curious pets or kids who may attempt to eat these mushrooms, it’s best to remove them to be absolutely safe. While most lawn mushrooms are non-toxic, some are very toxic and you don’t want to take the risk. 

What Are Fungi? 

Mushrooms are fungi or living organisms that are neither plants nor animals. There are millions of different species of fungi throughout the world, all with unique features and appearances. Some are easy to spot, whereas others are nearly invisible and difficult to identify. However, every type of fungi has an important role to play: Fungi exist to help break down organic waste and transform it into plant food. They are the recyclers of your landscape! 

Why Do Mushrooms Appear On Your Turf?

Mushrooms appear on your turf because the soil is brimming with fungi and their spores. You cannot see them, and they won’t hurt you, but they are there! However, they only start to appear when the soil and weather conditions let them. Mushrooms thrive when the soil is damp and rich with carbon, which means you often see mushrooms sprout after an extended period of rain and cool weather. Decaying organic matter in the soil, such as leaves, bark, and grass clippings, helps create a fertile environment for mushroom growth. 

Although mushrooms may not look like the most beautiful additions to your lawn, they are actually quite beneficial. Their extensive root systems help the soil retain water and break down organic materials, which puts nutrients back into your lawn

Can You Reduce Mushrooms On Your Lawn? 

Mushrooms can be removed by picking them away by hand (always wear gloves as a precaution) or by brushing them off. They can also be mown off with a special box on the lawn mower that collects them. Typically, there are two effective ways of reducing the development of mushrooms: 

  • Decrease the amount of thatch by scarifying your lawn, then reducing the amount of fertilizer applied to the lawn 
  • Looking for buried debris under your lawn and removing it, preventing mushrooms from growing out of the debris 

As long as decaying material remains in the soil, it is impossible to completely remove mushroom growth from your lawn. However, removing decomposing material is more detrimental than helpful, so it is best to acknowledge mushroom growth as a sign of a healthy lawn. 

Scientific Plant Service Is Your Go-To Source In Landscape Healthcare

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