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Why Pond Algae Control Is Essential

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Pond algae control is essential for preventing unsightly algae blooms.

Algae is often looked at as a nuisance by pond owners, but the truth is that algae can provide some essential benefits. However, when algae are left untouched, they can grow out of control and cause problems for your pond’s fish population and overall health. That is why algae control is recommended so that you can achieve the best balance for your pond’s ecosystem. 

The Benefits of Algae

Planktonic algae are the first link in most food chains present in your pond and are necessary for the pond ecosystem to thrive. Zooplankton feed on planktonic algae, baitfish and fingerling sport fish, then feed on the zooplankton. Without a food source, baitfish and fingerlings will struggle to survive in the pond. 

The Problem of Algae Blooms

Algae poses a problem when an algae bloom develops, and your pond produces too many algae overall. Plants in the pond rely on photosynthesis, which converts sunlight and carbon dioxide into food or energy. The plants then give off oxygen necessary for your fish, decomposition of organic matter, and other pond processes. 

An algae bloom is a fast reproduction and spread of algae. When a bloom occurs, your pond can be covered with algae in a short period. The biggest problem that comes with algae bloom is when algae die off. This “crash” can create significant problems. 

The Results of an Algae Bloom Crash

Algae bloom crashes can add a large amount of dead organic matter to the pond. The microorganisms at the bottom of the pond then decompose this material. That decomposition process uses up oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide and other harmful gases like methane and sulfur compounds. 

When the pond oxygen is used to decompose dead algae, it is not available for fish or other aquatic life. If this problem is severe enough, your fish and aquatic life can begin to die off. The larger organisms need more oxygen, so the larger fish are at risk first. 

How Algae Affects Temperature and Irrigation

Failure to practice algae control can also result in excessive algae growth that limits sunlight from penetrating your pond. This can cause thermal stratification or temperature layers within the pond. The water that does not receive sunlight will remain cool and dense. This dense water then sinks, and oxygen levels within it decrease. 

If you use your pond as a holding area of irrigation water, algae can also create problems for that process. If the pond has excessive algae growth and is pumped for irrigation, the algae can clog the pump and filters. The algae that make it through the pump will be distributed throughout the irrigated area and can be unsightly as well as foul-smelling. 

The Importance of Algae Control

Algae plays a vital role in any pond environment. Without it, you will struggle to maintain a healthy fish population. However, a pond can easily come out of balance with an excess of algae that produces several harmful side effects. Algae control with regular monitoring and managing of the pond environment will create the best balance and ensure the healthiest outcomes. 

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