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Pine Bark Beetle

The Pine Bark Beetle is a borer that enters into the tree and feeds on the wood just inside the cambial layer. It feeds on the trees and eventually chews galleries throughout the tree that restrict the flow of food up and down the tree. The tree weakens and dies.

Because this pest feeds so deep within the tree, there are no control products available that can reach pests already feeding within the tree. The sprays we apply are topical and trunk injections will not trans-locate into the region of infestation. We use products that will be absorbed into
the bark layer. Their presence is a deterrent to keep new beetles from boring into the tree. When used preve ntively on uninfected trees, our
products have proven successful. Curative treatments made on already affected trees only reduce futurePine Bark Beetle in bark layer
infestations and only prolong the life of the tree. Eventually, the tree will succumb to the beetle infestation.

Preventive sprays should be applied every year, 3-4 times a season to susceptible trees using approved
products to reduce the entry of bark beetle larva. The products SPS applies are tested by the manufacturers and accredited institutions to determine their effectiveness against specific insects. SPS is an application service company and bases its treatments on research provided with the product.

Healthy, vigorous trees naturally ward off insec t infestation. We recommend deep root fertilizing of desirable trees every other year. Insects will generally attack weak trees before healthy trees. Trees that are suspect of beetle infestations and showing outward signs, should be removed immediately and the resultant debris removed from the site to prevent the spread of beetles. The Pine Bark Beetle is a growing problem throughout our region and our national forests. Until more effective controls are developed, the Pine Bark Beetle will continue to be problem in our conifers.


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