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Athletic Fields – Synthetic Turf

Maintentance Steps for Synthetic Fields

We recommend 3 steps to maintain your synthetic fields and can provide other services if needed.

Step 1

Playing surfaces should be brushed using a factory approved drag type brush every 1-4 weeks. This interval is dictated by the type and frequency of use. Example: a grade school using it for phys-ed and recess (light weight feet) requires a brush grooming once a month. A college field used for men’s football along with several other sports and practice needs weekly attention. Brushing in precise patterns should be avoided and special attention to infill levels should be given to the center of the field and around goals and face-off areas. When infill depths diminish, excessive wear will occur, shortening the life of carpet fibers.


Step 2

Just like natural turf, your infill field can become compacted affecting drainage and playability. Infill fields start showing symptoms of compaction after 3-4 years without proper maintenance. Our specially designed “spring tooth harrow” will loosen, agitate and level the crumb rubber infill. The depth of penetration into the infill layer is closely monitored not to compromise the base layer of sand. We recommend this process be performed once per calendar year.


Step 3

Our final maintenance procedure is a topical sweeping and debris removal. Our “Verti-Top” synthetic turf cleaning machine has spring tines that reach into the rubber infill and work foreign matter to the surface which is then sweep into the machine via a rotary broom. Once the debris is brought into the Verti-top it is then separated from the crumb rubber which is returned to the field. Finally, a high powered magnet passes over the surface to extract any foreign metal objects that may remain in the field. A trailing brush then sweeps over the surface to leave a clean, smooth, loose surface. When a topical cleaning (sweeping) is needed for debris such as leaves, pine needles, seeds or grass clippings an abbreviated version of this cleaning can be done at a lower cost! The entire Verti-Top is outfitted with a vacuum system to keep dust and contaminates from returning to the field. We recommend this cleaning be done at least quarterly or on an as needed basis.


Services available for your synthetic turf are:

  1. Routine Brush Grooming
  2. Infill De-compaction
  3. Surface & Deep Debris Cleaning
  4. Seam & separation Repair
  5. Anti-bacterial Spraying
  6. Snow removal
  7. Supplementing infill