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Scientific Plant Service is an independent lawn and tree company in Baltimore, Maryland. We service residential and commercial clients.

We have experts in every field — turf, tree, shrub, aquatics.

There are great many factors that go into providing a healthy landscape.

And we’re really good at picking out your individual characteristics of your lawn, your trouble spots, and dealing with those.

We treat the landscape as a whole, but we look for problems in a IPM approach, which is like an integrated pest management approach.

There is no blanket treatment. Each property is looked at individually.

Not every landscape has the same plant material, environmental situation.

There’s usually one factor that is where the straw that broke the camel’s back. We can make a change in the environment and all of a sudden things perk up.

We have staff that has been in the industry for 20, 30, and over 40 years.

We have a great breadth of knowledge and experience here that isn’t accumulated in days or a few hours of Internet research.

We are selling advice and we’re selling service. When something comes up and the customer needs us, we’re there for them.

Our territory reps create your custom program. Our technicians come out and perform the service.

The technicians can focus on doing their job. They don’t have the pressure of trying to up-sell to neighbors, and that’s why Scientific is set up the way it is.

We service clients in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, so we’re very cognizant of the nutrient management regulations and sediment controls that are necessary in our region.

Misuse of fertilizers has caused a lot of problems in the bay.

POLYON stays in the soil. It doesn’t move, and the results you have is less use of pesticides.

We’re here to correct the problem. We’re not here to obliterate all the beneficial insects or the beneficial animals, or ourselves.

We do not shy away from the hard stuff and the hard problems that might get swept under a rug and other places.

We can call on each other for expert advice.

I think that makes us be best local company, if not one of the best companies in the country, providing the types of services we do.

We Are Hiring. Top Pay. Great Benefits. Work Where You Are Appreciated.

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