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6 Reasons to Begin Gardening Early in Life

reasons to begin gardening early in life

Learn how your child can benefit from gardening early in life.

If you enjoy gardening and have some kids at home who are looking for something to be engaged with, you may want to consider letting them garden with you. Learning a skill like gardening early in life can be quite beneficial for your children, and especially now, when kids and parents alike are longing for activities and comfort, building skills in the garden can be something from which the entire family benefits. Even better, your children will carry these skills and valuable lessons into their future. Read on to learn six ways in which kids can benefit from gardening at a young age. 

Gardening Gets Kids Dirty 

Even though it can be a pain for the washing machine, kids love getting dirty. Planting seeds, digging in the soil, and pulling out weeds all gets kids a little messy, which many kids may find fun. Additionally, soil is full of beneficial microbes that can help build up children’s immune systems and even boost their mood

Gardening Gets Kids Outdoors

Taking in some fresh air and sunlight can help both parents and kids who are inside all day. However, your child may not be too inspired to go outside if there’s “nothing to do.” That is why planting a garden is a great way to entice kids outdoors. Children are naturally curious and like to check on their plants, so they will be eager to visit and tend to their newly planted shrubs and flowers. 

Gardening Early in Life Encourages Healthy Eating 

Teaching kids the benefits of gardening early in life will reveal to them not only the importance of healthy eating but how easy it can be to grow your food. Even picky children are likely to try the food that they grow, and they may soon find that they enjoy these fruits and veggies more than they thought. 

Gardening Develops Muscles and Coordination

Gardening, like all physical activities, is good for building muscles, fine motor skills, and coordination. Gardening is a fairly physical hobby and will help kids maintain healthy activity regardless of how interested they are in sports. 

Gardening Early in Life Teaches Valuable Life Lessons

Gardening can teach young children valuable lessons that stay with them for the rest of their life. First, they learn how to grow their food, which is always useful. Then, they learn the science behind gardening like how seeds sprout and what a plant needs to grow. Finally, they learn responsibility by taking care of their plants, patience by waiting for plants to grow, and they gain self-confidence by growing something of their own. 

Gardening Connects Kids to Nature

Gardening early in life provides children with an early introduction to the joys that can be found in the natural world. Growing their own shrubs and flowers helps children to understand nature, how beautiful it can be, and how everyone has a role in taking care of it. This is a great way to teach children that they can make a difference in the world around them.

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