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Five Evergreen Tree Care Tips for Year-Round Health

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Remember these evergreen tree care tips to keep your beautiful trees healthy year-round.

Evergreen trees are beautiful landscape fixtures, especially in the fall and winter when the deciduous trees lose their leaves. The lush, green appearance of evergreens stands out, but they require particular care to maintain their beautiful appearance and year-round strength. If you want to ensure you know how to prevent pests, diseases, and other concerns from damaging your evergreen trees, remember the following evergreen tree care tips. The Licensed Tree Experts at Scientific Plant Service can help you maintain your tree’s health throughout the seasons. 

Identify Evergreen Tree Pests

Evergreen trees can be damaged or killed if left unprotected from common pests and diseases. If you see browning needles, dead branches, or large-scale dieback on your evergreens, look for pests. These trees can be easily attacked if left untreated, making a diagnosis difficult until extensive damage is apparent. Scale, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Bagworms, and Spider Mites are a few evergreen tree pests. 

Annual pest prevention programs, foliar treatments, and soil fertilization can help prevent pest infestations. Reliable evergreen tree care from professionals can help you avoid severe damage. 

Protect Against Tree Diseases

Needle Cast is one of the most prevalent evergreen diseases, a fungal infection that slowly travels up the branches until the spread is large enough to kill the tree. Cytospora is also a fungal infection that spreads from lower limbs upward, killing large tree sections as it goes. Evergreen tree diseases are best controlled preventively. Regular foliar applications and deep-root tree fertilization treatments can help protect your evergreens from infestation. Consistent watering practices can also help your evergreens from becoming stressed and more vulnerable to disease. 

Monitor Soil Moisture

Evergreen tree care goes beyond preventing pests and diseases. Part of preventing those damaging infestations is creating a supportive environment for your trees year-round. Sudden changes in temperature and soil moisture can easily stress evergreen trees. This is why mitigating water loss or excessive moisture exposure is essential. Appropriate mulching around the root zone helps retain moisture and regulate soil temperatures. An anti-desiccant applied in early winter will help prevent evergreens from losing excessive moisture due to winter’s drying winds.

Understand Evergreen Tree Fertilizers

Evergreen trees may require fertilization to regain their optimal health. Proper fertilization begins with comprehensive soil testing, which determines the health of the soil and its effect on your landscape. Deep-root fertilization and large-scale foliar applications can help your evergreens thrive even in imperfect conditions. You can contact the professionals at Scientific Plant Service for thorough deep-root fertilization services.  

Evergreen Tree Pruning

Evergreen trees are beautiful because of their natural size and shape that stands out in your landscape. Pruning evergreens may seem counterproductive to enjoying their large size. Still, when done correctly, pruning can solve overgrowth problems and prevent the spread of disease while maintaining the beauty of your trees. Selective removals, or structural pruning, can best reduce size while keeping the shape of your tree. If you must remove dead or damaged wood, professional pruning is best so your evergreens can heal properly. 

By applying careful evergreen tree care with the experts at Scientific Plant Service, you can assure the continued health of your trees and their resistance to pests and diseases.

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